SOTD: “The Answer” by Luke James

Since music is something that is very important to me, I am going to be posting my “SOTD” (song of the day) everyday. Hopefully, you find a new song or artist you to discover!

My obsession with Luke James is not ending anytime soon. My first encounter with Luke James was on campus (St. John’s University). One of the clubs on campus hosts a singing competition every year called “Battle of the Voices”. 4 people compete for a prize and there is at least one celebrity guest judge. So this year the guest judges were Melanie Fiona and Luke James. I had heard about Luke James before and I knew that he was in King Bey’s video for “Superpower”. I never really heard his songs so I decided that night would be the first time I would chose to be exposed to his music.

To say that Luke James made a believer out of me after that night would be an understatement. From his interactions with the crowd, to the enthusiasm in his voice as he sang and his actual ability to sing, I fell in love. Mixing classics by artists like Marvin Gaye into his songs showed me that Luke is a lover of the music. His love for music was evident in how much he was getting into his own performance. I love watching artists thoroughly enjoying performing and they somewhat begin to lose it.

The minute I got back to my dorm room, I went to Spotify and starred every single Luke James that was available. I have other favorites by him too but I’ll save those for other SOTDs. I discovered “The Answer” on YouTube one night and instantly loved it. From the words (“Listen to your heart/ let it guide your way home / and let it bring a smile to your face / that can’t be replaced”) and his vocals, the song makes you feel better. I can see this song being played before a big sporting event or on a commercial in order to truly inspire people.

So listen & enjoy!


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