SOTD: “The Worst” by Jhene Aiko

I am not the biggest Jhene Aiko fan but I recognize greatness when greatness is present. The first time I heard “The Worst” I thought it was very clever of her to remix some Jay-Z and her revision of what seemed to be “From Time” by Drake. I hadn’t really listened to the lyrics much but I knew it was the song every one was listening to and talking about.

At the end of May, I attended a concert here in Rochester with musical guests Future, Jhene Aiko and Rico Love. I had already seen Jhene in concert before but it was way before “The Worst” even came out. Jhene comes out, performs some other songs and ends with “The Worst”. That was the first time I chose to listen to the words. And boy, did they hit me. I had recently been going through some boy drama and the words of the song literally to everything I felt. This song became my life within the next few weeks. I started walking around saying “Don’t take this personal, you ain’t shit, you weren’t special till I made you so, better act like you know” just like Jhene in the song. The words are really the reason why I love this song!

So listen & enjoy!


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