SOTD: “Tous Les Memes” by Stromae

This song is really something special and what makes it special is the video.

First, I came across the artist Stromae at my job. I work with children and recently they have created several classes dedicated to this arts. One of the classes is dedicated to music. Two different teachers, with one of them being this Simpson-esque looking guy that plays the guitar. Anywho, he was exposing the kids to new music. He played this song called “papaoutai” by this artist named Stromae. Nevermind the song was in French, I felt the emotion of the song but I really was interested in the artist. I can feel his emotion based on how he rapped and I thought it was the most creative I had heard in a while. So I went on YouTube and listened to his other music.

I love this video. For the fact of how artistic and beautiful it was. Stromae is an incredible dancer and he makes it a point to show it off in all of his videos. I love the concept of the video too; Stromae portraying the player type and the girl who is constantly being hurt and pretending to leave. Despite not knowing French, I feel like through his voice and the way he chooses to express his videos I really understand what he is saying. To me this is an genius example of how music crosses all barriers and can reach all of us in some type of way.

So listen & enjoy!


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